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Trained personnel with advanced life support to save lives in medical and traumatic emergencies and qualified to administer a full range of treatments and medications. Our providers are capable of managing critical care situations and  are under the supervision of fully-licensed physicians.  


Event and Medical Command

The company of choice for sporting teams, bands, government conferences, large scale raves and venues. Experts at managing and commanding events of any size with regard to on-site safety and medical services that can provide care for days to months without a lapse of coverage.. 


Remote and Offshore Medical 

Primary and emergency healthcare tailored with occupational health advice including safety orientations, risk assessments, health inspections, food safety, and water testing. Our staff consists of flight medics, dive medics, and health and safety advisors.   

"One-Size Does Not Always Fit All"


When it comes to health and safety, every location is different. The same applies to organizations.  There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to employee healthcare.  Therefore, our approach is consultative. We can help you assess the risks associated with your working environment and design appropriate preventive programs – including training, procedures and policies to protect your personnel at all times.  Our clients often work in remote locations, far from the medical infrastructures necessary to support a successful business and we are experienced in creating a community of health and awareness and ensuring continuity of care. 



Getting it Right the First Time


SALADIUM Healthcare was founded on the principles that healthcare can be tailored to the specific desires of the client at a low cost without having to be difficult or cumbersome. Working under our philosophy, our medical providers are focused on providing quality preventative medicine and emergency response that emphasizes on the client and patient requests.  

Because of our philosophy, our mission is to go above and beyond to be successful while partnering with your organization to build a happy, safe, and healthy community. Our staff is hands on and proud of the reputation that we have built and are ready to provide excellence in service to you and your organization. 



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SALADIUM Healthcare is a collaboration Between SALA Remote Medics and Stadium Medical

SALA Remote Medics has a long history of remote medics in some of the most hazardous and remote environments which blends with Stadium Medical’s emergency and event medical management and staffing.  Our commitment to knowledge in the remote health and safety arenas as well as the rich history of managing medical events and patient health in a vast array of areas makes us your premier partner.  We are a true partner in building a customized plan for employee wellness, injury prevention and safety that fits your needs at a reasonable price.
We safeguard the health and well-being of your employees. Our nurses, medics and physicians ensure the most robust medical decisions, even in the world’s most remote and hazardous places.  We are supported by a cutting edge 24/7 Operations Support and Communication Center in Denver, CO with a large staff devoted to round the clock access and support of your needs and the site’s needs.  Our personnel become an intricate part of your workforce ensuring that your organization meets specific industry regulations and best practices regarding onsite medical care.  Our clinical caregivers will provide timely and quality care to all employees to reduce risk of illness and injury resulting in costly lost time occurrences.

Personalized Services


Our programs range from providing a single one-site paramedic, to a full medical team and/or clinic including specialized physicians, lab technicians, consultants, and administrators. Our staff will also be able to consult with additional medical experts based on our 24 hour / 365 day Physician Network. In this way we can assemble a second medical opinion, medical evacuations (when necessary) and provide wider expertise to deal effectively with all manner of emergencies.  Whenever our medical experts are deployed, they can rely on the backing of our medical directors and quality assurance teams to help supervise and manage your medical and operational needs. 




Recipe for Success


Our employees "recipe" is a self-determined mission statement that they created and live by which states; 

We Are

Competent, Ethical, Resourceful, Caring, Reliable, Resilient, Free Thinking, Foresightful, and Problem Solving. 
We will be Accountable, Dedicated, Non-judgmental, Hardworking, Adaptable, Compassionate, and Forever Evolving.